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Engine Our used Toyota Tercel engines/motors come with 1-year warranty and 30-day price match guarantee. Buy your Toyota Tercel engine from us with confidence knowing we stand behind the quality of our used car and truck engines.Save time and money searching for a cheap Toyota Tercel engine. Our Toyota Tercel discount price is guaranteed for 30 days. For store details visit the Store Information
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Description: Gas Engine
NR......TG.....COMP 170, 180, 150, 140
Fits: 1997 Toyota Tercel
(1.5L, VIN C, 5th digit, 5EFE engine)
Condition: 75K miles
									Premium Quality - Very Low Mileage!
Warranty: 1-Year (policy)
Discount Price: $1,118.00Continue
Stock Number: B131786301I
Location: Little Rock, Arkansas 72701
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