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A cracked engine block can be the biggest disappointment for the motor enthusiast. While the people owning the latest cars easily find parts for repairing an engine block, those vintage cars find it impossible to arrange a replacement for them and there is no escape from repairing the crack themselves. So, if you have experienced a crack in the engine of your vehicle and you want to repair it in place of replacing it, here comes the solution. The procedure that has been stated below needs to be followed with some modifications depending the way the in which the block has experienced the crack.

1. First you need to drill the block's top with the bit for a tap of 5/16-24. Drill the required number of holes outside the area of the gasket going down on the exterior of the wall of the cylinder. Drill the top continuing through the fins.

2. The top portion of each hole needs to be enlarged for making space for the shaft of 5/16 inch bit bolt. The rest of the path down from the fins needs a tap. You will require a long tap for this purpose.

3. Thread the bolts very tightly into these holes and be careful to prevent breaking any fins.

4. The blocks need to be turned upside down after which the inside of the fins at the top (now at the bottom) needs to be welded to every 5/16" bolt depending on the location of the crack. For welding, you need to use the rods that are available for cast iron welding. Never try welding up the crack as the block can get heat stressed, wrapped or the cylinder can get damaged by the heat.

5. Wait for the block to cool and turn up the back side and the bolt heads have to be milled down and flushed with the block in order to prevent it from interfering with the head gasket or the head.

If you want to repair the crack without welding it, you can try metal stitching or metal locking. It a process in which saves you from the hassle of welding cast iron which requires a very high temperature. The technique might be a bit difficult in case you are a novice. Metal stitching is cost effective and a much more simple process. It requires stitching pins that would enable you to stitch the cracked head in a few minutes. For making the repair even simpler you can buy your personal stitching kit which will contain all the tools for a successful stitch. You need to place the stitch within the crack with the help of a hammer, drill bit or a torque wrench. You are sure to get a good finish. Stitching kits are available with added features as well for specific requirements.

Finally, if you don't usually work on your car and find it difficult to fix the crack, you should call a specialist or a mechanic to repair the crack but it is going to be time taking and quite expensive.

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