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I am looking at buying a 2005 Mazda Tribute S. It drives great, and the ride is smooth, but there is a whirling sound that gets faster and more noticeable the faster I go. I can hear it at lower speeds but it is much slower and low pitched. The sales guy said it was just the sound of the tires on the road. I'm not about to trust the salesman's opinion. What do you think?

The whirring noise can be anything from the tires to the transmission (transfer case if 4X4) also the drive axles. If the sales person wants to make the sale, have them prove that the issue is the tires. By installing another like set form another like vehicle on the lot & road test it again. If the sales person is not willing to do this, then WALK AWAY & keep looking. Little noises have a way of getting expensive fast. Sam (17 Years Experience Auto/Heavy Truck Repair)

I have an engine rattle or knock when the engine is being driven at freewheel. Engine is quiet when accelerating and decelerating. Help

Vehicle Information:
1995 Cadillac Sedan Deville 4.9L V8PFI

Already Tried:
Started using premium fuel as recommended. The previous owner told me he only used regular. The car has only 60K Miles

Welcome James, The first thing that comes to mind is loose torque converter bolts. I would remove the cover on the bottom and check these bolts. Let me know if this works, or if you need more information. Jon (ASE Certified Technician)

I am trying to tell whether my 1988 454 cu in 7.4 liter GMC gas engine has 2 or 4 bolt main bearing caps .The numbers on the rear driver's side of the top of the block at the transmission flange are 54450141.Also there are more letters above the oil filter mount which read " KZ1445 hi perf pass." Between the freeze plugs on the passenger side of the block there are letters reading "GM 7.4LG".The engine was purchased in 1988 new with a turbo 400 trans, 4 barrel carb and factory oil cooler. It's in a 55 Chevy truck now. I don't want to pull the oil pan as there are no oil leaks at 65000 miles of use. Can I purchase a engine identification publication anywhere?

Hi Raymond, is that the only numbers you can find? How about next to the front or rear of either cylinder head on the deck of the block? The number you gave is probably a casting number if you found it on the bellhousing flange... GM has always been famous for making casting numbers look like part numbers. Although the actual part number has long since been changed, and/or likely been discarded with the introduction of the 502, it may still be able to be back tracked. Ray (ASE certified, GM certified, Chrysler certified)

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