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Auto Repair Again, the wealth of information on the Internet takes time to wade through in order to find your repair facts, tips, and "how to's" and here at Automotix we understand. Our auto repairs section includes recalls, defects, consumer complaints, auto repair listings, and even engine repair reports. You'll find automotive repair tips, how-to pages, Mechanics information and even be able to submit a repair request from a professional. When it comes to repairing your automobile some things are so simple you could do them yourself with the few basic tools and the repair information, others contain information from the manufacturer on how to get things repaired correctly because of defects or recalls. It's important to have the correct information as well as diagnostic repair reports, technical specifications, and specific make model procedures to repair your car/truck correctly and we're here to help with our auto repairs section.
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DIY Auto Repair Manuals  New

Want to know how to troubleshoot and fix yourself a car engine, electrical or wiring problem, transmission leak, noise troubleshooting, reset a warning light, or perform preventive maintenance on your automobile? Well, the Automotix Do It Yourself program is got it all for you. Automotix DIY offers you online access to the most complete repair manuals for your car or truck including engine diagrams, wiring diagrams, repair work, technical service bulletins (TSB), body work guidance, starter & alternator replacement procedures, belt replacement procedures, radiator & hose replacement procedures, tune-up & drivability specifications, quick lube illustrations, preventive maintenance guide and many other OEM repair manuals. You don't have to be a mechanic or technician to know how to fix your automobile. Click Here the get full access to Automotix DIY!

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Recalls & Defects

Do you need to know if there is a recall or a part that has been found to be defective? Let us help you. You can access our extensive database for a list of recalls and parts found defective for your vehicle. If buying a vehicle, check to see how well it has been doing. Also, it gives you the extra knowledge to insure that any and all recalls and defects have been corrected. With our database you can find the information to make smart, informed decisions.

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Car Problems / Consumer Complaints

Doing your research can save you thousands of dollars and helps you to be headache and financial disaster proof. We have compiled a huge database that allows you to access customer complaint logs regarding accidents and defects in their vehicles. This database gives you information regarding location of the accidents, cause of accident and the number and type of injuries incurred in the accident. You can research this data by vehicle make, by the model or by the year. You can also access this data by its various causes. It is broken down even more for tires. You can find out which tire failed and what type of failure occurred. Use of this database can make you a wise consumer.

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Engine Repair Reports

This database has logs of engine rebuilders/restorers of defects/failures of OE engines. There are repair tips and suggestions. For those with mechanical leaning it has some installation guides. This is the one database you will want to access for your own vehicle repairs but also when looking to buy a used car. Keep yourself in the know and have the latest info.

Engine Repair Guide

Mechanic Repair Tips

Not sure how to make that repair or fix that strange noise? Well, we are here to help you. We have advice and information for over 100 various repairs. We provide tips along with detailed instructions. This is your "How To" repair guide. Make sure that you fix the cause not just the symptoms. Be wise and informed whether you are doing the work or whether you are hiring someone else.

Mechanic Repair Tips

Auto Repair Tools

Our Auto Repair Tools store offers you the best performance repair tools in the automotive industry. The product lines included professional hand tools, tools sets, power tools, specialty tools, jacks and equipment, creepers, air tools, counter top displays, shop equipment and much more. Most of our Performance automotive Tools carry a lifetime warranty. Save BIG on repair tools!

Auto Repair Tools Store

Submit Auto Repair Request

How about a one-stop shop for auto repair quotes? Would you like to have one place you can list your needs and have repair shops give you their quotes instead of spending time money and gas going from shop to shop to get the best deal on your repair needs. At our site you can submit a request for quotes and car repair shops, garages and mechanics can send a quote to you with an invitation for you to have them do your repair work. This is a unique way to get good service at the best price for your auto repair needs.

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Auto Repair Listings

Do you want a list of repair shops in your area or where you will be traveling. Well, check us out. Not only can you find a listing of repair shops by area but also by repair type. If you are a car repair shop owner, auto repair center, DIY, mechanic or garage you will find this site invaluable for its ease of use and information.

Repair Opportunities

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