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Used Sterling Engines & Motors Sales

Engine Our used Sterling engines/motors come with 1-year warranty and 30-day price match guarantee. Buy your Sterling engine from us with confidence knowing we stand behind the quality of our used car and truck engines.Save time and money searching for a cheap Sterling engine. Our Sterling discount price is guaranteed for 30 days. For store details visit the Store Information

Sterling - Another name for quality

The Sterling motor car can still be seen on the roads in America today, despite the fact that they were only sold during a five year period from 1987 to 1992. Sterlings are related to the Rover and were marketed during the period that Rover, a UK company was in collaboration with Honda of Japan. The Sterling cars are broadly similar to the Legend, manufactured by Acura, with a core structure, power unit and platform shared with the more available car. However, the spring and damper characteristics gives the Sterling a more sporty feel--both tighter and with less float than the Acura Legend. The 800 series cars which were the only ones marketed in America were initially strongly favored, but quickly lost out to the Acura in the American market.

Parts are still available, through the Acura line, or through used parts such as engines and transmissions available through the extensive supplier network formed by Automotix. When you use Automotix you are assured of the best quality in your used Sterling engine or transmission, since we work with over two hundred of the top suppliers in the United States. This includes wrecking yards, auto salvage shops and dismantling businesses scattered across the country. It is our job at Automotix to collect and display these parts in an easy-to-access format on our web site so you can find the exact part you need to extend the life of your trusty Sterling. Once you find the part, you can order it directly from the supplier through our site, so that you eliminate the cost of the middleman.

If you don't find the part you want, or you're not sure about the one you need, contact our courteous and professional staff who have the expertise to help you locate the solution to your automotive problem. You can also search the drop-down parts menu, or browse our comprehensive catalog inventory. You still have the ease and economy of ordering from the supplier and saving of shipping fees. Automotix attaches the one year warranty to each used part you purchase through our web site. You won't find that type of warranty anywhere else.

Automotix is also certain that the price you pay here is the lowest one available. We're so sure that we guarantee it for 90 days. If you should find a competitor's identical part for less money within 90 days, we'll pay you the difference. Of course, the warranty on the part and the mileage on the part should be the same in order for this price warranty to apply.

Automotix has been in business for years, supplying parts and services to an awesome customer base of insurance companies, suppliers, fleet operations personnel and repair shops. Because of our knowledge base and out expertise, we now are extending that service, quality, guarantees and expertise to the general public. We've built our positive reputation for years and now you can take advantage of every aspect of our business.

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