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    Automotix brings you access to the largest pool of 2011 Dodge Avenger Mainstreet used & pre-owned cars and trucks offered for sale by Dodge dealerships. Now, you can browse all car sales online, contact the Dodge car dealer directly and make an offer on any 2011 Dodge Avenger Mainstreet vehicle you like right from the comfort of your house before you ever set your foot in the car dealership. You will be able to search used, pre-owned, and certified 2011 Dodge Avenger Mainstreet vehicles offered for sale in all 50 US states. If you are serious about buying a used car or truck, you came to right place.

    VehicleEngine/FuelExterier ColorInterier ColorStyleLocationMillageStock
    1.2011 Dodge Avenger2.40L I4 GasRedlineMainstreet 4dr SedanKokomo IN20155140861A

    2.2011 Dodge Avenger2.40L I4 GasBlackMainstreet 4dr SedanWoodbury NJ48188E11005A

    3.2011 Dodge Avenger2.40L I4 GasRedline 2 Coat PearlMainstreet 4dr SedanWinter Haven FL43352U730464A

    4.2011 Dodge Avenger2.40L I4 GasBlackberry PearlUnspecifiedMainstreet 4dr SedanSkokie IL423631071912207

    5.2011 Dodge Avenger2.40L I4 GasBlackBlackMainstreet 4dr SedanManteca CA23955D790B

    6.2011 Dodge Avenger2.40L I4 GasRedline 2 Coat PearlMainstreet 4dr SedanSterling Heights MI27256PL5233

    7.2011 Dodge Avenger2.40L I4 GasBlackberryMainstreet 4dr SedanMonroe MI259274124N

    8.2011 Dodge Avenger2.40L I4 GasBright SilverMainstreet 4dr SedanClinton MI42440U1908B

    9.2011 Dodge Avenger2.40L I4 GasStone WhiteMainstreet 4dr SedanGreensboro NC38000BN565235

    10.2011 Dodge Avenger2.40L I4 GasMainstreet 4dr SedanMckees Rocks PA3651614J1241

    11.2011 Dodge Avenger2.40L I4 GasBlackberryMainstreet 4dr SedanHonesdale PA2686521480TA

    12.2011 Dodge Avenger2.40L I4 GasBlackMainstreet 4dr SedanSpokane WA36323T2390

    13.2011 Dodge Avenger2.40L I4 GasRedline 2 Coat PearlMainstreet 4dr SedanXenia OH35976E31064A

    14.2011 Dodge Avenger2.40L I4 GasBright SilverMainstreet 4dr SedanWatseka IL38754P1023

    15.2011 Dodge Avenger2.40L I4 GasRedMainstreet 4dr SedanMendota IL5583129978

    16.2011 Dodge Avenger2.40L I4 GasSilverMainstreet 4dr SedanNewton IL15242603059

    17.2011 Dodge Avenger2.40L I4 GasRedline 2 Coat PearlMainstreet 4dr SedanPaw Paw MI61433P50551B

    18.2011 Dodge Avenger2.40L I4 GasRedline 2 Coat PearlMainstreet 4dr SedanBig Rapids MI642406053688

    19.2011 Dodge Avenger2.40L I4 GasTungstenMainstreet 4dr SedanLong Island City NY568494124

    20.2011 Dodge Avenger2.40L I4 GasBright Silver Clear CoatBlackMainstreet 4dr SedanEbensburg PA19005531898

    21.2011 Dodge Avenger2.40L I4 GasBright SilverMainstreet 4dr SedanSunbury PA25287553

    22.2011 Dodge Avenger2.40L I4 GasRedline 2-Coat PearlBlackMainstreet 4dr SedanMiami FL44572BN560915

    23.2011 Dodge Avenger2.40L I4 GasRedline 2 Coat PearlMainstreet 4dr SedanChillicothe MO3811011B957

    24.2011 Dodge Avenger2.40L I4 GasRedMainstreet 4dr SedanLansing MI28947276B

    25.2011 Dodge Avenger2.40L I4 GasMainstreet 4dr SedanSeguin TX335532861A

    26.2011 Dodge Avenger2.40L I4 GasGrayBlackMainstreet 4dr SedanAvon NY4584714010A

    27.2011 Dodge Avenger2.40L I4 GasBright SilverMainstreet 4dr SedanOrange MA28600U4667

    28.2011 Dodge Avenger2.40L I4 GasBlackMainstreet 4dr SedanCincinnati OH26061E6074

    29.2011 Dodge Avenger2.40L I4 GasOrangeMainstreet 4dr SedanSand Creek WI5309614-100A

    30.2011 Dodge Avenger2.40L I4 GasBlack Clear CoatBlackMainstreet 4dr SedanSussex NJ66960F40489A

    31.2011 Dodge Avenger2.40L I4 GasRedline 2-Coat PearlBeigeMainstreet 4dr SedanHillsboro OR33991135094A

    32.2011 Dodge Avenger2.40L I4 GasWhiteMainstreet 4dr SedanSavannah GA52258143216A

    33.2011 Dodge Avenger2.40L I4 GasRedline 2-Coat PearlMainstreet 4dr SedanTraverse City MI3119211834CH

    34.2011 Dodge Avenger2.40L I4 GasPurpleBlackMainstreet 4dr SedanTexas City TX663738655

    35.2011 Dodge Avenger2.40L I4 GasBlackBlack InteriorMainstreet 4dr SedanMiddletown CT389831311702U

    36.2011 Dodge Avenger2.40L I4 GasWhiteBlack/Light Frost Beige W/PremMainstreet 4dr SedanDunn NC68576P3901

    37.2011 Dodge Avenger2.40L I4 GasMainstreet 4dr SedanEverett WA268831410727B

    38.2011 Dodge Avenger2.40L I4 GasRedMainstreet 4dr SedanEl Dorado Springs MO28376P3059

    39.2011 Dodge Avenger2.40L I4 GasRedMainstreet 4dr SedanSoldotna AK17518143536A

    40.2011 Dodge Avenger2.40L I4 GasBright Silver Clearcoat MetallBlackMainstreet 4dr SedanAnkeny IA3310214P227

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