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Welcome to Automotix Bargain Cars marketplace, where you'll find cheap used cars and trucks at bargain prices from owners wanting to sell their vehicle fast, and they're willing to discount their price to move their vehicle!

In Automotix Bargain Cars, you'll find vehicles that owners for one reason or another have discounted to just above wholesale, meaning you can pick up a car/truck for close to the same amount of money your car dealer would pay.

These cars may have problems, may have a high mileage, and may have cosmetic problems or mechanical problems. Or they're an older model the owner needs to sell for a bit of fast cash, but in fine shape for its age and mileage. If you're looking for a bargained cheap car, a second vehicle to tide you over while yours is fixed, or need a student car that doesn't have to be too pretty, you've come to the right place. You can search by vehicle make and model, or just browse the Automotix Cheap Cars for sale, a great way to find the vehicle you need at a low price.

Latest Bargain Cars For Sale

1998 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Price: $2,150.00
1994 Cadillac Seville

Price: 3,000
1992 Pontiac Firebird

Price: $1,300.00
2002 Volkswagen Golf

Price: $2,000.00
2014 Honda Accord

Price: $15,000.00
2008 Volvo S40

Price: $4,000.00 OBO

Latest Wanted Bargain Cars

PostedMakeModelYear To YearCategory
03/05 21:20ChevyK30 Pickup1977-2002Salvage/Damaged
03/03 19:44LincolnMark Viii1997-1998Pre-Owned
03/03 13:19AnyAny2005-2010Repairable
03/02 14:45ChevySilverado 15002000-2000Pre-Owned
03/02 07:22ChevyK10 PickupAny-AnyPre-Owned
02/28 15:33AnyAny1995-AnyPre-Owned
02/24 17:23ChevySilverado 1500 HD2006-2016Pre-Owned
02/21 17:24AnyAnyAny-AnyRepairable
02/20 17:23PontiacVibeAny-AnyPre-Owned

Buying Cheap Used Automobiles From Our Bargain Cars Marketplace

If you are a buyer looking for a bargain vehicle for sale, then you have come to the right place. Search our listings of used vehicles and obtain both the vehicle and seller's contact information. Our system has both professional and individual car sellers. The Automotix system provides a unique service where we connect the buyer with sellers looking to sell their vehicles cheaper than average. These cars may have problems, have higher mileage, and may have cosmetic or mechanical problems. This is not the marketplace where you pay full price for a used car. Rather you will find a deal that you cannot find on other auto related websites.

Search Here For Cheap Used Autos!

Selling Your Used Car or Truck on Bargain Cars Marketplace

Calling all automotive sellers! Take your used auto and list it today on our Bargain Cars section. Thousands of interested buyers will view your used car/truck for sale and have the option to contact you with questions. If the buyers are interested they will be able to purchase your vehicle. Expand your buyer customer base and target market. Post your vehicle for sale and network with interested professional and retail buyers. The option exists to include a picture of the vehicle and we strongly recommend including one for buyers to see. Include as much detail as possible about the car and find that one specific buyer in the nation. Your vehicle is worth something to many buyers.

Post Here Your Used Vehicle For Sale!

Cheap Cars & Trucks Wanted Ads

In this section you will find cheap used auto and truck leads from professional and individual buyers. These buyers are looking to get information on available options and eventually purchase these vehicles. The buyers have taken the time to fill out the specifics on what exact bargain car or truck they want to acquire. Under the action option you can click on "View Details" to see the buyers request information completely. After you get the extended details, you can obtain the buyers information and work the deal to sell them your used vehicle.

Check Out Our Wanted Used Cars Leads!

Locating Your Desired Used Car/Truck at Bargain Price

If you are a buyer and looking for a certain type of used car or truck you need to fill out a request form to submit to sellers. You used auto request will go to both thousands of professional and individual sellers of used bargain cars. Our network of sellers make a living out of selling vehicles so they will search their inventory to see if they can fill your needs. On the "Locator" form on the next page you will be given options to search based on parameters such as the price range you are willing to spend, the option to trade in your current vehicle, the make and model of the vehicle, preferred mileage and much more. We suggest being specific on the details when you have done your research and know what exactly you want to buy and for what price. On the contrary, we suggest keeping it more open if you are less sure about exactly what you want to purchase. Connect today with sellers and start the process of obtaining a cheap used car or truck today.

Submit a Bargain Used Car Search Request!

In summary, you have many options when using Automotix Bargain Cars; you can post for a car wanted, post your bargain car or truck for sale, browse the bargain cars for sale at the Bargain Cars Marketplace, or you can browse the Wanted Bargain Cars. If you're looking for a special car for sale and need it at a bargain price you can actually post a wanted ad. This means that you can specify model, make year and mileage for your personal bargain car. This allows owners that have a bargain car for sale to peruse your wanted ad and contact you if they think their vehicle will fit your want ad. You can also post a bargain car for sale ad in the Automotix Bargain Cars Marketplace, allowing you to post pictures, condition, mileage, and other pertinent information about your bargain car. You'll leave a bit of contact information and those looking for a bargain car can peruse your ad, helping you to sell your bargain car fast. If you're looking for a cheap vehicle, you can browse the Bargain Cars Marketplace, allowing you to look for specifics such as price or condition. This means you'll be able to look at vehicles within a certain price range, with pictures, mileage, and condition posted. You'll then contact the owner and look at the car and get a bargain car at a great price.

If you have several cars for sale and are not sure you want to sell them, but possibly need a bit of quick cash, you can browse our Wanted Bargain Cars section. This means you'll be able to peruse what future purchasers are looking for in a bargain car. If you have a car/truck that fits their needs, you can contact them and offer your bargain car for sale. So welcome to Automotix Bargain Cars, where you can find cars/trucks at bargain prices or sell your car or truck for a bargain price and get a bit of quick cash.

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