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    Timing Belt Installation On
    1990-93 Subaru 2.2L Legacy Engines

    Installing the timing belt on 1990-93 Subaru Legacy engines is not without its potential pitfalls. Subaru has marked each sprocket with an alignment notch and in a different location, an arrow (Figure 1). Only the alignment notch should be used to time the engine. Using the arrow could result in severe engine

    Before slipping the belt on, align the timing notch on each of the three (3) sprockets with the notch on the belt housing and the marks on the timing belt (Figure 2). Verify that the timing is correct by counting the teeth between the timing marks (Figure3). There should be 44 teeth between the right cylinder head camshaft sprocket and the crankshaft sprocket timing notch. There should be 40.5 teeth between the left cylinder head camshaft sprocket and the same crankshaft sprocket timing mark. Remember that when the engine is viewed from the front, the right side of the engine is on your left and vise versa.

    The AERA Technical Committee
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