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Torsion Bar Removal/Installation

Enjoy Your Drive After A Torsion Bar Removal

The suspension system of our car is very crucial, as it saves us from hazardous bumps and jerks offered by the bouncy tracks. This acts as the immune system for the vehicle and improves the vehicle's efficiency by limiting the effect of shocks on its various components. Modern vehicles involve two types of suspension systems in it, namely, the fluid based suspension system and a simple mechanical suspension system. The former includes the action of fluids in absorbing the shocks while the latter has a well defined spring assembly in it. Mechanical systems usually have three types of springs attached in it- leaf springs coil springs, and torsion bars. Coil springs and torsion bars are attached in the front part of the vehicle and leaf springs are used in the rear part. Herein we will present some of the core issues in removal and installation of torsion bars of your vehicle.

Torsion Bar Removal Tips

Torsion Bar is not technically a spring rather it works like one. It delivers its spring action by twisting of a steel rod. This twisting rod provides the resistance against the up and down motion of the front part of the vehicle. Each front wheel contains its separate torsion bar. One end of the torsion bar is connected to the frame of the car and other is joined with the lower control arms of the vehicle. These bars can be easily adjusted by tuning the tensioning bolts. If these bars get wear-out, we have to remove these to fix or to install a new rod. The process is a bit technical one but it can be done by following few easy-go steps:

Tools Required - The torsion bar removal doesn't require ultra sophisticated tools to do the job. You just need a wrench, a variable socket, a tensioner, jack etc.

Removing the bar - The removal method is elaborated here:

  • First of all, raise the hood of your car with the help of a jack. This will help you to have a better view of the suspension system.
  • Then simply take out the torsion bar's cover plate bolts with the help of a suitable wrench.
  • The plate cover is loosened enough and you can easily pull it out with your hands.
  • Now you need to relieve the torsion bar's tension, but prior to this, measure the adjustment level of the adjustment bolt of the torsion bar and record this measurement. This measurement will help in installing the new torsion-bar.
  • Just ease the torsion bar tension now and position the torsion bar tools and adapters over it.
  • Tighten the tools up so that the adjustment bolt of torsion bar is lifted off due to the action of torsion bar adjusters.
  • Finally, unscrew the adjustment bolts of torsion bar and loosen it up so as to remove the tension of the bar. The bar is now removed.

The above steps will prove to be of great help for you to remove and fix the problems of the torsion bar. Don't forget to mark the location of the bolts and lugs to ease the process of reinstallation.

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