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Tonneau Cover Repair/Replacement

Give Your Car A Make Over With A Simple Tonneau Cover

Generally used by car and pick up owners, Tonneau covers are used to secure and cover the truck's pickup bed. Tonneau covers are available in different styles and designs.

Types Of Tonneau Covers

The most common type is made up of cloth or vinyl in which a rib-like system is used to support the fabric and also to keep it taut. Another system that is based on snap can also be used, but it is quite uncommon nowadays since the installation of snaps require drilling and use of permanent adhesive most truck owners do not wish to install the it on their vehicle.

The next popular type of Tonneau cover is known as a "roll-up", which is basically a unit that is mounted at the front of the bed, exactly behind the cab. This unit is generally a small rectangular box that is attached to each side of the bed. Inside the, there is a retractable fabric or plastic cover, or retractable fabric that can be easily rolled out and located to the end of the bed. These have the advantage of being simplest to use because they don't require any complex or time consuming disassembly or assembly unlike other styles.

Hard plastic Tonneau or Fiberglass covers are pretty popular as they have what is usually supposed to be the best outlook. They are generally painted to match the color of the truck (other styles do not offer such facility and they are generally black), they are solid in built, and they can be locked that makes them more secure and safe than the other options available. These covers are heavy and also require gas struts to open and close. They operate more or less like a vehicles hood, typical tailgate opening at the end of the bed. But some are available with several compartments that usually open side to side, back to front, or front to back. Sometimes these hard plastic Tonneau covers are also installed as a factory alternative with some a latest vehicles, including the Chevrolet Avalanche, and Honda Ridgeline, Ford Sport Trac.

Why to replace The Tonneau Cover-

  • If you find that the Tonneau cover of your vehicle has worn out or it is getting corroded, it is important that you plan to reinstall it as the re installation process does not require much task.
  • Another good reason to replace the Tonneau cover is when it damaged or broken.
  • In any case a damaged, broken or corroded Tonneau cover needs to be replaced or else it will make your vehicle look ugly.

How To Replace The Tonneau Covers

  • ' of all, choose the right Tonneau cover for your vehicle keeping in your mind the size, shape and design of your vehicle.
  • Make sure the fasteners for the Tonneau matches the fasteners of your car.
  • Now carefully take out the old Tonneau Cover using screwdriver and other necessary equipments to make your work easy and safe.
  • Now, mark all the important points with a marker, so that you do not miss out anything.
  • Then, once you have removed the older cover safely, place it aside and pick up the new tonneau cover and fix it in the place of the older one setting one clasp at a time.

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