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Steering Column Repair

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    Keep Safe With A Steering Column Repair

    Squeaky sounds from your steering column have become all too common when you drive. Don't ignore them. It is possible that the steering column of your vehicle might be damaged or broken. This is the right time to either start repairing it or just replace it for long run benefits. Leaving this job on the hands of a professional is always a good idea but you can also do the job yourself.

    Here are some of the general instructions for the self mechanics who are interested in repairing their steering column thereby upgrading the system.

    Start with the visual inspection
    Instead of moving to a mechanic, it is good that you start by a doing a visual inspection yourself. It does not take much time. Visual inspection refers to a technique of the checking of all the major and minor nuts and bolts. Many a time when the vehicle passes through an uneven surface the system get detached or they move from their original position. By visual inspection you can tighten the lose screws and bolts. If the problem is minor, then the visual inspection can be of real help and if it not then to be on a safer side it is recommended that the steering wheel should be replaced. Replacement can also be done at home. But the advice of a skilled mechanic is always recommended.

    Replacing the defective steering column
    Things required

    • Steering column repair kit
    • Wrenches
    • Purchase a perfect steering column kit. It is available at all the automobile outlets.
    • Be careful of the model and make of your car, before choosing the steering column kit for your car.
    • If the air bag is there, then make sure you disable it safely
    • After that the front wheels need to be straightened and the steering column needs to be locked in position.
    • Then the steering wheel should be lifted off the center. Make sure all the wires are disabled correctly and all the nuts and washers are kept safely so that while installing the new steering you do not miss or lose any of the important tool.
    • Now take out the upper and lower covers of the steering column and also make sure that all the electrical connections are disabled correctly.
    • After that you need to remove the windshield wiper switches and the turn signal.
    • Then the gear shift linkages should be disconnected carefully.
    • After that carefully remove the steering. Also remove the spacer sleeve, and the clamp bolts located at the upper and lower covers.
    • Now the upper steering shaft needs to be taken out along with the tube.
    • Now the lower steering column needs to be disconnected by detaching the clamp bolt and the remaining bolts for dust boot.
    • Now gradually pull the lower steering column out.
    • Once you have safely removed the steering column just repeat all the above steps that were involved in removing the steering column.

    Though you would be more interested in repairing the steering wheel but it is good if you replace it with a new one. Or else you can also upgrade the system by installing some other more reliable system.

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