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Exhaust Manifold Repair

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    An exhaust manifold is an arrangement of passages which collects the exhaust fumes from the different exhaust ports and directs them en route for the catalysts and mufflers of an exhaust structure. In other words, an exhaust manifold helps collect gases and fumes from the many cylinders of an engine into a single pipe.

    Exhaust Manifold

    Exhaust manifolds are usually made up of cast iron. The exhaust manifold has separate primary pipes for each cylinder. These pipes then converge into one pipe which is also known as the collector. Race cars do not have collectors and are known as zoomie headers. These exhaust headers primarily aim at reducing flow resistance and also raise the volumetric efficiency of any engine. This results in an increase in power of output.

    Common Symptoms Of A Faulty Exhaust Manifold

    Exhaust manifolds need to be periodically checked for damages. One should check that the mounts of the manifold are secure and ensure that it does not have any cracks or leakages. Also, the exhaust pipes and the entire exhaust mechanism need to be checked at regular intervals so as to maintain the car's safety. This is very essential as if exhaust gases like carbon monoxide enter the car's interior, it can prove to be deadly. Some of the symptoms that an exhaust may be leaking are louder exhaust sounds than are normal. Such sounds may also be coming from unusual places in the car. Other symptoms include ticking sound while increasing the speed of the car and smell of exhaust fumes. However, since carbon monoxide has no odor, one should not depend on this fully. It is imperative that the exhaust manifold be checked for leaks as soon as suspicion arises.

    Repairing An Exhaust Manifold

    Since exhaust manifold repair is an expert's job, many repair shops do not attempt to repair it. However, repair becomes necessary as the new exhaust manifolds are rather expensive. In case one decides to install a new exhaust manifold, you must High quality of bolts should be used to fasten the different parts of the manifold. The bolts or fasteners should be tightened in the exact order in order to avoid damaging the manifold. One must check and tighten each and every bolt starting from centre and proceeding outwards. In case there is a crack or leak in the exhaust manifold, and the same exhaust manifold must be repaired instead of installing a new manifold, the cast iron exhaust manifold has to be geared up by beveling the leak or cut. Then this cut has to be welded using an oxy-acetylene torch. This uses high temperature in order to weld and bind the crack. You should repair your Exhaust manifold only if you are capable to using an oxy-acetylene torch.

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