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Crankshaft Repair

Repair Your Car's Crankshaft By Yourself

Many of us are not familiar with the automobile terminology and jargons, and whenever we open the hood of our car, we usually get confused by a web of mechanical components and wires. The Engine inside the hood is the most important part of the vehicle, and 'Crankshaft' is one of the main components of the engine. It is the arrangement which converts the translational motion into rotational motion.

The crankshaft is connects the cylinder-piston arrangement to a rod, which connects to the fly-wheel of the engine. The movement of the piston crankshaft provides the rotational motion to the attached fly-wheel. This rotation minimizes the pulsations in four-stroke engine. The malfunctioning of crankshaft may hinder the free motion of the fly-wheel and thereby it affects the proper functioning of engine. Some of the trivial disturbances in the crankshaft can be checked domestically and you can save a good amount of money on minor crankshaft repair.

Crankshaft Repair Tips

There may be a number of reasons behind the improper crankshaft functioning. All these reasons with their repairing suggestions are discussed here:

  • Bearing Faults - Crankshaft contains several ball-bearings in its connections. These bearings may get damaged due to rust or unmatched torquing. For a low-scale rusting, you can try out the polishing method to get rid of it. However if the bearings have been corroded badly, then the full replacement of the bearings must be done. The bearings may also stops functioning due to deposition of excessive debris on the bearing surface; in this case the surface should be thoroughly cleaned.
  • Dry Crankshaft Surface - The Crankshaft may get dried enough to rotate smoothly on its linear axis. In this situation, proper oiling of the crankshaft must be done to ensure its free movement. The dust and debris on the surface of the crankshaft, if any, must be removed properly.
  • Structural Integrity of Crankshaft - The crankshaft may start working shabbily if the components linked to it have any sort of imperfections in their structure. If the terminal connection of the crankshaft doesn't matches to the central attachment with the piston, then the performance of the whole apparatus is affected. So, check out for any imperfections in the arrangement and rectify it with the help of tools.
  • Excessive Heating due to Friction - During a long-drive, continuous movement of the piston causes heat due to friction. The generated heat may prove to be troublesome for the working of engine as a whole. So, the entire arrangement must be treated with suitable lubricants to avoid the evil effects of friction.
  • Leveling of Crankshaft Holes - The crankshaft holes play a vital part in its movement and the holes should be leveled accordingly. This can be checked using a bar and if the holes are not justified properly then these should be drilled consciously.

The above tips are extremely beneficial in handling crankshaft issues, however, if the crankshaft doesn't get improved desirably, then it should be get checked by an authentic mechanic.

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