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We all have been there, reversing the car hastily or failing to notice the blind spot. The dents that result from such incidents make for a trip to the store of auto parts to get a spray paint can and some body filler. But plastic bumpers require a different range of products that can be bought from any auto shop.

Taking your bumper to the professional for repair and repaint is sure to cost you more that $1000. The repair shops will suggest you to replace or remove and re-install the bumper which would be quite expensive. So what you can do is to repair the bruised bumper of your car yourself on the weekend with the help of the repair and refinishing products that are easily available in the market. Following are the steps to repair it yourself:

1. To start with, you need a plastic surface cleaner to wipe off the dirt from the place. You can also use a solvent for cleaning the blemished area surface, which will also promote adhesion.

2. After the application of the surface cleaner or the solvent you might find that it has wiped off the paint scrape that may have come from the other vehicle. If that is the case, then you can be happy as the damage is negligible. You just need to apply a bit of wax with the help of a sponge that is wet to buff the affected area.

3. It might also be the other way round and the application of the solvent or the surface cleaner might reveal more damage. If that is the case, then your bumper needs light structural repair followed by some contouring, painting and priming.

4. Sand the area closed to the contoured shape. You will have to remove the cover of the bumper to fix the backside of it in case of rips and punctures. In case of rips and punctures, the sticking out, jagged parts need to be pulled inward.

5. After this apply a flexible filler available for the bumpers in the various auto shops.

Hence, fixing your damaged bumper includes sanding, grinding, painting and sculpting. By now you must have realized that repairing your car bumper yourself is extremely convenient and easy. Also by repairing and recycling the bumpers instead of replacing them, you will care for the environment. Reconditioning uses fewer resources, lessening the burden on the shrinking landfills along with saving a lot of money, time and natural resources. So it is always not necessary to replace the damaged bumper as is often suggested by the repair shops. You can always save them with innovative reconditioning techniques.

Finally, in case of any difficulty or doubt, you can always take the help of the technicians who can repair the scratched, detached, scuffed, torn and dented bumpers anytime.

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