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If you are a true 'autophile, you will always intend to keep your vehicle shining and try to maintain its looks. Maintenance is the key for preserving the appearance of your vehicle. It's not all about appearance but the performance of the vehicle also matters a lot. Maintaining a vehicle doesn't cost much until it is being timely done; otherwise even the minutest of scratches can become dangerous, if not treated in time. We generally used to rush to a mechanic for doing general auto body works as we are very skeptic about our capabilities. But you'll be amazed to know that you can save many dollars simply by overcoming your fears with maintenance job. Just a periodic monitoring of your vehicle can give you the performance you wanted from the car. Here we present some of the common checks that can keep your car healthier for a longer span.

General Auto Body Works

Auto body works may sound a bit technical to you, but it is pretty easy to do. You can handle many of the auto body works at your home simply by the use of some common tools and accessories.

  • Washing - Washing is very common and essential method for keeping your vehicle immune from the degradations it may suffer. Vehicle should be cleaned within a month or so. If you've came back from a long drive, then clean your vehicle immediately after returning. This will clean up any debris or dirt deposited on any component or part of the auto body, which will further minimize the chances of damage that may occur to your car. Car shampoos and other washing stuff is readily available in the market and you can buy the most suitable one for yourself. Pressure Wash, washing with a good amount of pressure of water, is recommended for inner components.
  • Waxing - After washing the car, the glossy appearance of the car can be ensured with a quality waxing stuff. The exterior body of the car must be waxed after washing; it hides the minor scratches of the car and gives it a pleasant appearance. Waxing across the corners and margins of the vehicle must be done fortnightly. You can apply wax with the help of a piece of a dry cloth. Care must be taken while application and a uniform coat of the wax must be put over it.
  • Lubrication - Lubrication of the automobile components ensures its smooth functioning for a longer period. This involves oiling and greasing of various parts of the vehicle. This activity also keeps the vehicle insulated from the unwanted aftermaths of friction. Lubrication should be done over the joints and connections of the parts of the vehicle. This will also prevent the rust from gripping that region.
  • Screwing the Joints - Various joints of the vehicle must be properly torqued to ensure the optimal performance of the connected parts. Over or under torquing will hinder the performance levels of the vehicle significantly. Thus, check out the screwing of the vehicles before taking it on a drive.
  • These are some of the most common auto body work tips which are applicable to any sort of vehicle. However, there are some vehicle specific checks, which can be easily observed by simple visual inspection.

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