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    Camshaft Timing Procedure For
    1995-2000 Kia 2.0L VIN 3 Engines

    The AERA Technical Committee offers the following information on camshaft timing for 1995-2000 Kia 2.0L VIN 3 engines. This engine is a dual overhead camshaft (DOHC) design. Maintaining the camshaft timing during belt installation is crucial. Previously published service information has been reported to be incomplete.

    The camshaft sprockets for this engine are I for the intake cam and E for the exhaust cam as shown in Figure 1 below. The sprockets, however, have two locator notches machined 180° from each other within the inside bore diameter. Previously published information does not include the pin location of each camshaft. The correct location for the camshaft locating pin is up and pointing toward the I & E on the cam sprocket.

    Timing belt installation is best done with four hands if the camshaft positioner tool Part # is not available. It is extremely important to keep the belt taut on the belt tensioner side while installing the timing belt.

    1. Position cam sprockets on camshafts with cam locating pin up towards I &
    E, and then torque the bolt to 42 ft/lbs (56 N.m).
    2. Position crank, cam sprockets as shown below.
    3. Loosen timing belt tensioner bolt, move tensioner to remove any belt tension
    and lock tensioner in place by tightening bolt.
    4. Route timing belt around crank sprocket.
    5. Route timing belt around cam sprockets, keeping belt taut on tensioner side.
    6. Continue rotating engine using crankshaft bolt in clockwise direction two
    revolutions making sure belt does not leave cam sprockets.
    7. Stop rotating when the S mark on exhaust cam sprocket lines up with top
    marking on cam cover. This procedure positions the cams in the best
    unloaded valve spring position.
    8. Holding belts and sprockets in position, unlock tensioner bolt allowing tension
    to spring into position. Torque tensioner bolt to 27-38 ft/lbs (37-52 N.m).
    9. Rotate engine clockwise two complete turns and verify matching marks on
    cam and crank sprockets.
    10. Check timing belt deflection, it should be within .300-.330/22 lbs (7.5-8.5
    mm/98 N). If it is not, replace the tensioner spring and retest.

    The AERA Technical Committee
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