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Jeep Engine >> OIL LEAKS ON 1984-86 GM 2.8L ENGINES USED IN AMC

Oil Leaks On
1984-86 Chrysler (AMC) 2.8L (173 CID) Engines Used In Jeep

Chrysler (AMC) says there are three possible oil leak locations
on its 2.8L (173 CID) engines: the valve covers, intake manifold
and rear cradle area of the oil pan.

Replace leaking valve cover gaskets with AMC part #8983 503 179
or aftermarket equivalent. The seam where the intake manifold
and cylinder head mate must have a small amount of RTV sealer
applied to eliminate gaps or steps that will allow leaks. Gasket
over-crush is prevented by metal pins located on the side of each
bolt hole.

Intake manifolds usually leak at the rear manifold-to-block
mating surface. After removing the manifold and thoroughly
cleaning it, use a 3/16 (4.7mm) diameter spherical cutter
(Figure 1) to cut a 3/16 (4.7mm) wide groove that's 1/16
(3.1mm) to 1/8 (1.5mm) deep.

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Fill the groove with RTV sealer when reinstalling the manifold
(Figure 2).

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For 1984 engines, Chrysler (AMC) supplies an oil pan gasket kit
AMC part #8983 500 853 (or use an aftermarket equivalent), which
should be installed in place of the RTV sealer used at the
factory. It is important, however, to seal the rear cradle
corners with RTV sealant.

1985-86 engines should be closely inspected for deformed oil pans
(Figure 3). Replace deformed oil pans with AMC part #8953 001
840. Engines built after January 21, 1986 should not have
deformed oil pans.

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The new, recommended method is to remove the stand-offs on the
oil pan rails (Figure 4) with a file or small hand-grinder. Use
AMC oil pan gasket kit #8983 500 853 or aftermarket equivalent.

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The rear cradle seal is installed in the groove in the main cap
and a small amount of RTV is applied to the corners of the seal
where it contacts the block. Please note that once the stands
have been removed, RTV can no longer be used in place of the

The AERA Technical Committee

August 1986 - SB 134

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