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Isuzu Rodeo Engine >> REAR ENGINE OIL LEAKS

Rear Engine Oil Leaks On
1988-92 Isuzu 2.6L Engines

AERA members have reported engine oil leaks at the rear on 1988-92 Isuzu 2.6L engines. Most of those leaks have been associated with the rear crankshaft area. While the most likely source of leakage would be the rear crankshaft seal, this has not been the cause of most complaints.

This engine uses a crankshaft with flexplate/flywheel mounting bolt holes exposed to the crankcase. That design requires sealer on bolt threads, before they are torqued to 43 ft/lbs. Failure to apply sealer on the bolt threads will allow engine oil to seep around the bolt threads and leak externally.

Another possible cause of oil leakage is between the rear main bearing cap and block mating surfaces. It appears that some castings are somewhat irregular, therefore requiring a small amount of silicone sealer at time of assembly.

The AERA Technical Committee
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