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    Engine Overheating Problems On
    1989 Isuzu 2.6L Engines

    AERA machine shops have reported engine overheating problems on 1989 Isuzu 2.6L engines used in Troopers and Pick Ups. Though the cooling system was filled during engine installation, the overheated engines have a low coolant level when inspected. Before disassembling the engine, consider that the cooling system may not have been properly filled during installation.

    Isuzu recommends the following fill procedure:

    1) Make sure that the thermostat jiggle valve is positioned at the top of the
    thermostat housing (Figure 1).

    2) Remove the thermal valve from the thermostat housing. Remove the radiator
    cap and set the temperature control lever to the highest heat position.

    3) Fill the cooling system until coolant flows from the thermal valve opening.

    4) Apply a thread locking compound to the thermal valve and install it into the
    thermostat housing. Finger tighten the valve using the metal housing. Rotate
    the valve one additional revolution and align it as show in Figure 2 below.

    5) Start the engine and let it reach normal operating temperature. Check the
    coolant level in the radiator and refill as necessary. If no air bubbles are
    present in the filler neck, install the radiator cap.

    The AERA Technical Committee
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