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    Revised Valve Lash Adjustment For
    2001-2003 Hyundai 2.0L G4GF, VIN F Engines

    The AERA Technical Committee offers the following information regarding a revised valve lash adjustment on 2001-2003 Hyundai 2.0L G4GF VIN F engines. Previous to 2001, these engines used a non-adjustable hydraulic lash compensator within the valve train. The current, revised, cam follower (non-hydraulic adjuster) requires an adjustment inspection every 60,000 miles or 48 months. The 2004 manuals have this updated information.

    Valve lash adjustment should be made with a cold engine at 59°F-77° F. The cold valve lash for intake valves is .007-.009 (.178-.287 mm), while exhaust valve is .010-.012 (.254-.305 mm). If the correct valve lash cannot be set with the original hardened shims as shown in Figure 1, obtain a different thickness shim until the correct lash is present.

    During disassembly of the camshafts and lash adjusters, mark their location for proper installation during re-assembly. During cylinder head repairs, such as grinding of the valves and seats, proper stem heights should be maintained. The valve stem height measurements for both intake and exhaust valves is 1.9200-1.9500 (48.768-49.53 MM).

    Figure 1. Locations to measure Clearance.

    The AERA Technical Committee
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