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Camshaft-To-Camshaft Timing Caution On
Hyundai Elantra, Tiburon 2.0L DOHC 2001-2003

AERA members report that an error was made in the Hyundai OEM engine shop manual covering 2001-2002 Elantra and the 2003 Tiburon vehicles. The diagram used to show camshaft-to-camshaft timing is incorrect in the manuals for the above-mentioned vehicles. If the camshaft-to-camshaft timing is wrong the vehicle will run rough and set a DTC P0340 code.

Note that the CORRECT timing diagram shows that the keyway positions are located approximately at the 2:30 O?clock position and the blue colored timing chain links line up with both timing marks on the gears.

The incorrect diagram shows the left cam timing mark on the cam gear to be 1/2 link to the left of the blue timing link.

The AERA Technical Committee
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