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Tight Drive Belts Cause Crankshaft Damage On
1992-94 Honda 1.5L Engines

The AERA Technical Committee advises members of an installation procedure on Honda 1.5L engines that may cause damage to the crankshaft. Subsequent to most engine repairs that may be done, one of the final procedures required is the installation of the accessory drive belts.

If an accessory drive belt is overtightened, excessive side loading will result on the crankshaft pulley bolt causing it to loosen or break. Side loading can also cause main bearing damage and wear in the crankshaft keyway.

Honda indicates the most accurate method of adjusting their serpentine drive belts is to use a torque wrench. First, with the idler pulley nut finger tight, rotate the engine in the direction of rotation two complete turns. Then, torque the belt adjusting screw to 40 in. lbs. (see figure 1). Finally, torque the idler pulley nut
to 35 ft. lbs.

The crankshaft pulley bolt mounting torque is equally as important at installation and should not exceed 83 ft. lbs. Be sure to lubricate lightly with engine oil the underside of the bolt flange and bottom threads only, as indicated in figure 2 below.
The AERA Technical Committee
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