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Purging Air From The Cooling System On
Honda Civic Engines

AERA members have reported engine overheating and inoperative cooling fans on Honda Civic automobiles after cylinder head or engine service.

On these automobiles, it is possible for air to become trapped in the intake manifold or cylinder head when the cooling system is refilled. Coolant may not circulate to the sensor portion of the thermostat, resulting in cooling fans not working.

Eliminate air pockets by bleeding the cooling system:

1) Refill the cooling system and raise the right front corner of the automobile with
a suitable jack.
2) Set the heater temperature selector to maximum and leave the blower fan off.
3) With the radiator cap off, start the engine.
4) When the engine reaches normal operating temperatures, open the air bleed
screw until coolant flows in a steady stream. Wear protective gloves to
prevent burns from hot coolant.
5) Lower the car and fill the radiator and the coolant reservoir. Close the cooling
system and verify that the cooling fan works on schedule.

The AERA Technical Committee
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