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    Interference Engines

    The AERA Technical Committee would like to offer the following information on engines that present the possibility of interference between pistons and valves. The interference or contact may bend valve(s) when the timing between the camshaft and crankshaft is interrupted. This is generally the result of a timing belt or chain breaking or slipping.

    The following list are engines that AERA is currently aware of that have exhibited interference. There may be other engines that are not listed below that have the possibility of piston to valve contact. If the engine you are working on is not listed, do not assume that it is a freewheeling design. It is suggested to add to this listing as additional information is obtained.

    1986-89 1.6L Integra
    1991-95 1.7L Integra
    1990-95 1.8L Integra
    1986-89 2.5L Legend
    1992-94 2.5L Vigor
    1986-89 2.7L Legend
    1990 2.7L Legend
    1991-95 3.0L NSX
    1991-95 3.2L Legend

    1970-93 All Except 1970-77
    1.9L & 1970-73 1.8L

    1987-95 2.5L 325I 525I
    1994-95 4.0L 740I

    1993-95 1.5L Colt
    1987-88 1.5L Colt
    1992-95 1.5L Eagle Summit
    1987-88 1.6L Colt
    1989-92 1.6L Eagle Summit
    1994-98 2.0L Neon Stratus
    1990-95 2.0L Eagle Talon

    1988-92 1.0L Charade
    1988-92 1.3L Charade
    1990-92 1.6L Rocky

    1974-79 1.3L 128 Series
    1979-82 1.5L Stranda
    1974-78 1.6L 124 Series
    1974-78 1.8L 124 Series
    1974-78 1.8L 131 Series, Brava
    1979-82 2.0L Brava, Spider

    1981-85 1.6L Escort, EXP
    1981-83 1.6L LN7, Lynx
    1984-85 2.0L Escort, Tempo
    1993-95 2.0L Probe
    1986-88 2.0L Ranger
    1984-87 2.0L Lynx, Topaz Diesel
    1985 2.2L Ranger
    1989-92 2.2L Probe
    1986-88 2.3L Ranger
    1986-87 2.3L Diesel Ranger
    1991-98 4.6L Crown Victoria

    1986-95 1.0L Geo Metro
    1989-91 1.0L Firefly (CANADA)
    1985-88 1.5L Sunburst (CANADA)
    1985-89 1.5L Spectrum
    1990-93 1.6L Prizm, Storm
    1981-84 1.8L Diesel (CANADA)
    1982-86 1.8L Buick Skyhawk
    1990-98 1.9L Saturn
    1987-88 2.0L Buick Skyhawk
    1988-95 2.3L Quad Four
    1985-87 3.0L Buick
    1979-95 3.8L Buick

    1986-87 1.0L Prelude
    1973-78 1.2L All
    1973-78 1.3L All
    1980-84 1.3L All
    1973-78 1.5L All
    1985-89 1.5L Civic
    1988-95 1.5L Civic, CRX
    1993-95 1.5L Civic Del Sol
    1979-84 1.5L All
    1985-87 1.5L CRX
    1993-95 1.6L Civic Del Sol
    1973-78 1.6L All
    1980-82 1.6L All
    1988-95 1.6L Civic, CRX
    1984-87 1.8L Prelude, Accord
    1979-83 1.8L All
    1986-91 2.0L Prelude
    1990-91 2.1L Prelude
    1990-95 2.2L Prelude, Accord
    1992-95 2.2L Prelude
    1995 2.7L Accord

    1984-95 1.5L Excel Scoupe
    1995-98 1.5L Accent
    1992-95 1.6L Elantra
    1993-95 1.8L Elantra
    1992-95 2.0L Sonata
    1989-91 2.4L Sonata
    1990-95 3.0L Sonata

    1990-92 3.0L M30

    1987-89 1.5L I-Mark
    1990-93 1.6L Stylus Impulse
    1987-89 2.0L Impulse
    1981-87 2.2L Diesel Truck
    1986-95 2.3L Truck Trooper
    1988-95 2.6L Truck Rodeo Amigo
    1991-96 3.2L Trooper Rodeo Amigo

    1995 2.0L Sportage

    1984-85 2.0L 626
    1988-92 2.2L 626 MX6
    1989-93 2.2L Pickup
    1988-95 3.0L 929 MPV

    1985-95 1.5L Mirage Precise
    1990-92 1.6L Mirage
    1989-95 2.0L Galant Eclipse
    1983-86 2.3L Diesel Pickup
    1994-95 2.4L Galant

    1982 1.5L Centra
    1983-88 1.6L Sentra Pulsar
    1987-89 1.8L Pulsar
    1982-89 2.0L Stanza 300ZX
    1984-95 3.0L Maxima 300ZX Pathfinder

    1976-83 2.0L 924
    1976-89 2.5L 944 Series
    1989 2.7L 944 Series
    1989-91 3.0L 944 Series
    1976-83 4.5L 928
    1984 4.7L 928
    1985-91 5.0L 928
    1992-95 5.4L 928

    1985-94 1.3L Samurai Sidekick
    1989-94 1.3L Swift

    1986-95 1.5L Tercel
    1981-83 2.2L Pickup
    1984-87 2.4L Pickup
    1982-88 2.8L Celica Cressida
    1987-94 3.0L 4-Runner

    1976-91 All Except 1.9 2.1L Engine
    1990-92 1.6L Golf (CANADA) Jetta
    1990-95 2.0L GTI Jetta GLI Passat

    1991 2.3L Coupe 940
    1986-94 2.3L 240 740 940

    The AERA Technical Committee
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