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    Get Full Access Automotix DIY provides automotive consumers and do it yourselfers; the most comprehensive repair information about Plymouth GTX car and truck repair procedures including Plymouth engine diagrams, wiring diagrams, repair work estimating measures, technical service bulletins, auto body work guidance, starter & alternator replacement procedures, serpentine belt replacement procedures, radiator & hose replacement procedures, tune-up & drivability specifications, quick lube illustrations, preventive maintenance guide, engine light reset instructions, parts removal and install procedures, fuel filter replacement directions, component location diagrams, air filter locations & replacement instructions, a/c system specifications, and general auto service procedures. You don't have to be a car mechanic or technician to know how to fix your Plymouth GTX automobile. Try the Automotix DIY solution today!
    Using the Automotix DIY repair procedures will save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars! In addition, it will save you hours of touring the city searching for Plymouth mechanics you can trust. The Automotix DIY solution is particularly affordable. A full access to the entire DIY repair procedures and diagrams for your Plymouth GTX vehicle will cost less than a single gallon of gas. Here are some of the DIY repair tips and procedures you will find here:


    BRAKE SPECIFICATIONS: Brake drum, rotor, caliper, and related specifications for most Plymouth GTX cars and light trucks sold in the U.S. and Canada from 1970+.

    • Brake caliper mounting bolt torque
    • Brake drum runout, machining, & discard specs
    • Minimum brake lining thickness.
    • Brake rotor runout, parallelism, machining, discard, & finish specs

    A/C SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS: Air conditioning refrigerant capacity and type as well as lubricant capacity for most Plymouth GTX cars and light trucks sold in the U.S. and Canada from 1980+.

    • Refrigerant capacity & type, compressor oil viscosity, total system oil capacity & compressor clutch gap

    COOLING SYSTEM BLEED: Cooling system bleeder valve identification, bleeder type and bleed procedures for most domestic and imported cars and light trucks sold in the U.S. and Canada from 1986+.

    PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE: Preventive maintenance recommendations and required services for most domestic and imported cars and light trucks sold in the U.S. and Canada from 1980+. Includes severe and routine service schedules

    QUICK-LUBE and ILLUSTRATIONS: Fluid recommendations, capacities, drain plug torques, tire data, and severe service recommended preventive maintenance schedules. Information covers most Plymouth GTX cars and light trucks sold in the U.S. and Canada from 1980+. Engine and chassis service images.

    • Automatic transmission/transaxles capacities, lubricant recommendations
    • Differential/final drive capacities, lube recommendations, grades, & viscosities
    • Final drive fill & drain plug torques
    • Number of lubrication fittings & plugs
    • Power steering, brake, & clutch fluid recommendations
    • Manual transmission/transaxle capacities, lube recommendations, grades, & viscosities
    • Number of lubrication fittings & plugs
    • Power steering, brake, & clutch fluid recommendations
    • Engine oil capacities, API grade recommendations, SAE viscosity recommendations, drain plug torque
    • Severe service maintenance & interval recommendations
    • Tire sizes, wheel nut/bolt torque, pressures & rim sizes
    • Transfer case capacities, lube recommendations, grades, & viscosities

    TUNE-UP & DRIVEABILITY SPECIFICATIONS: Most tune-up specifications for most Plymouth GTX cars and light trucks sold in the U.S. and Canada from 1980+

    • Airflow sensor electrical specifications
    • Tensioning specifications for systems with automatic tensioners
    • Barometric pressure sensor specs
    • Battery group number and cranking performance
    • Crankshaft & camshaft position sensor resistance
    • Engine compression pressures
    • Coolant temperature sensor specs
    • Computer advance.
    • Diesel fuel temperature sensor resistance.
    • Distributor advance specifications
    • Ignition pickup coil resistance
    • Exhaust gas recirculation temperature sensor resistance
    • Engine fastener torque values
    • Firing order diagrams
    • Fuel system pressures
    • Generator (alternator) specs
    • Intake air temperature sensor specs
    • Ignition coil specifications
    • Fuel injector resistance
    • Engine idle speeds
    • Knock sensor resistance
    • Manifold absolute pressure sensor specs
    • Mixture control solenoid resistance
    • Voltage regulator specs
    • Spark plug applications & gaps
    • Starter motor electrical specs.
    • Tensioning specifications for systems without automatic tensioners
    • Throttle body temperature sensor resistance
    • Ignition timing in degrees at rpm
    • Transmission oil temperature sensor resistance
    • Throttle position sensor specs
    • Vacuum sensor valve specs


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    Click here to view more details1968 Plymouth GTX Spark Plug Wire, Non-assembled, 8 mm diameter, RFI suppression, male/HEI and female/socket distributor terminal ends, black distributor boot color, silicone distributor and spark plug boot material, eight straight spark plug boot ends, orange spark plug color, carbon graphite conductor style; Includes coil wire; Offers only 500 ohms/foot of resistance that provides more ignition energy to the spark plug for a hotter and longer-lasting spark flame kernel; Its double silicone wire construction is rated up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit; The high gross wire jacket resists moisture, chemicals, and heat extremes for longer life and great looks; Its fiberglass braid adds greater pull strength and terminal retention while the stainless steel spark plug terminals provide excellent long life, electrical conductivity, and corrosion resistance; Delivers higher performance through improved efficiency, quicker throttle response and reduced emissions with excellent engineering; The best upgrade for street-driven, pre and post HEI applications; Requires terminal/boot installation on distributor end of wires..

    Source: Auto Body Parts Store


    Click here to view more details1968 Plymouth GTX Air Filter, Provides 1 to 4 h.p. power gain; 96 to 99 percent filtration efficiency; 2.75 in. height, 7.5 in. inside diameter, 9.25 in. outside diameter; Oiled element; Round style; Made of multiple interwoven layers of surgical cotton gauze; Increases horsepower and acceleration while providing excellent filtration; Custom designed to fit into existing air box and features a drop-in design which means adding performance is simple; Provides high air flow with excellent filtration; Economical and environment friendly; Works with OEM vehicle electronics; Will last the life of your vehicle; Washable and reusable; Lasts up to 50,000-mile before cleaning is required depending on drive condition..

    Source: Auto Body Parts Store


    Click here to view more details1979 Plymouth Volare Hvac Heater Block, Heater Assembly; 76-79 Lebaron Aspen Diplomat Volare, , .

    Source: Wheels / Rims, Mirrors & Lights Store


    Click here to view more details1967 Plymouth GTX V8, 4.5 L, 273 CID Rebuilt Engine, Hydraulic lifters, passenger car application., Warranty: 3-Year/100,000 Mile, .

    Source: Rebuilt Engines Store

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