2003 Honda Pilot Driveline, U-Joint & CV Axles Replacement (ONLINE REPAIR MANUALS)

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Get Full Access Automotix DIY provides automotive consumers and do it yourselfers; the most comprehensive repair information about 2003 Honda Pilot car and truck repair procedures including Honda engine diagrams, wiring diagrams, repair work estimating measures, technical service bulletins, auto body work guidance, starter & alternator replacement procedures, serpentine belt replacement procedures, radiator & hose replacement procedures, tune-up & drivability specifications, quick lube illustrations, preventive maintenance guide, engine light reset instructions, parts removal and install procedures, fuel filter replacement directions, component location diagrams, air filter locations & replacement instructions, a/c system specifications, and general auto service procedures. You don't have to be a car mechanic or technician to know how to fix your 2003 Honda Pilot automobile. Try the Automotix DIY solution today!


Includes CV axle, universal joint, and driveline replacement, for domestic and imported 2003 Honda Pilot cars and light trucks from 1990+.

CV AXLE SHAFT, Replace -> Front
Vehicle: 2003 Honda Pilot 3.5 V6 GAS


  • Raise and support vehicle and support it with safety stands in proper locations.
  • Remove wheel nuts and front wheels.
  • Lift up locking tab on spindle nut then remove nut and discard nut.
  • Drain transmission fluid and reinstall drain plug using new washer, if removing lefthand driveshaft. Do not drain transmission fluid if righthand driveshaft is removed.
  • Remove stabilizer link nuts from dampner.
  • Remove clip from lower am ball joint castle nut and remove nut. Avoid damaging ball joint and install ball joint thread protector onto threads of ball joint. Do not damage ball joint...


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