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Chevrolet / Chevy Chevette Engine >> BLOCK, CRANKSHAFT AND TIMING BELT

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    Data On The Chevrolet Chevette 1.6L (98 CID) Engine


    Chevrolet Chevette engines use three different timing belts:

    1. Narrow 99 tooth
    2. Wide 99 tooth
    3. Wide 100 tooth

    One solution is to build short blocks without crank gears which
    would avoid the problem. On complete engines it has been found
    the 99 tooth wide belt on the 1976 through 1978 models and the
    100 tooth wide belt on the 1979 and up models works best because
    the late block is about 1/4 higher.


    There are two cylinder blocks:

    1. 1976 through 1978
    2. 1979 and up (This is the high deck block with the 1/4

    CAUTION: These blocks should not be interchanged.


    There are two crankshafts:

    1. Forging No. 7184 or 7184N for 1976-79, the early crankshaft
    which has smaller counterweights & the large hole (1.089) for
    the converter.

    2. Forging No. 1140 or 1140N, for 1980 and up, can have either
    the 1.089 hole or the small hole (.825) for the converter.

    CAUTION: Do not interchange crankshafts. If a late crankshaft
    is used in an early engine, the larger counterweights will hit
    the pistons.

    The AERA Technical Committee

    April 1984 - TB 314

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