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    Installed Valve Tip Length Specification On
    GM 1.6L (98 CID) Chevette Engines

    General Motors explains that the installed valve tip length on
    1.6L (98 CID) OHC Chevette engines is very critical to the proper
    operation of this engine. Incorrect settings can result in a
    noisy valve train or an engine miss.

    The installed valve tip length on this engine is measured from
    the rocker cover rail to the tip of the valve stem. The correct
    distance should be .710 (18mm) with a .005 tolerance. If this
    dimension is too long, the valve tip may be ground or a new valve
    seat installed. Do not remove more than .030 (.75mm) from the
    tip of the valve or interference between the valve spring
    retainer and the rocker arm may occur.

    It is also important to maintain .040-.050 (1.02-1.27mm) of
    clearance between the rocker arm and the base circle of the
    camshaft, measuring with the hydraulic lifter fully collapsed.
    Correct for insufficient clearance by grinding the bottom side of
    the hydraulic lifter. Alternately, too much clearance can be
    reduced by adding shim stock to the bottom of the valve lifter
    bore before inserting the hydraulic lifter.

    The installed valve spring height of 1.300 (33.1mm), measured
    from the spring seat to the top of the valve spring, must be
    maintained. At this length the spring pressure should be 62-69
    lbs. Adjust the closed pressure of the valve spring by adding
    shims to the valve spring seat. Retest the spring pressure at
    .917 (23.2mm) in length to achieve an open pressure of 170-179

    Do not pump up the hydraulic lifter with oil before installing it
    in the cylinder head. This can cause the valve to stay open for
    some time after initial engine start-up, leading to possible
    valve, valve seat or other internal component damage.

    The AERA Technical Committee

    December 1987 - SPB 150

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