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Rebuilt Engine Information >> Cadillac Engine Repair N' Installation Guide

Auto enthusiasts and mechanics can find here technical information and engine repair advices that can assist in building, installing and maintaining the Cadillac engine and its components including safety practices and proper installation guide. Also, you may find repair tips that will assist you to fix many common Cadillac engine problems. This information is available thanks to the Engine Builders Association.

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    Distributor Gear Wear On GM 4.1L (HT-4100 Cadillac) Engines Premature distributor gear wear has been noted on GM 4.1L (HT-4100 Cadillac) engines......
    Revised Intake Manifold Gasket End Seal On GM 4.1, 4.5 & 4.9L (Cadillac) Engines General Motors Corporation has revised the intake manifold end gaskets for all of their aluminum V8 engines used in......
    Effect Of Oil Thickening On Oil Pump Drive/Distributor Spiral Gear On Cadillac And Other Engines It has been reported that oil thickening, caused by overheating, can cause failure of the oil pump drive and distributor gears......
    Engine Installation Caution on 1981 GM 6.0L (368 CID) 4-6-8 Equipped Vehicles AERA members should exercise special caution when installing 1981 GM 6......
    Hydraulic Lifter Update On GM 4.1L (252 CID) HT-4100 Engines A revised hydraulic lifter assembly has been released by General Motors for the 4......
    Low Coolant Or Loss On 1997-2001 GM 3.0L VIN R Engines AERA Members have reported a low coolant or coolant loss on 1997-2001 GM 3.0L VIN R engines......
    Crankshaft Main Bearing Update On GM 4.1L (252 CID) HT-4100 Engines Cadillac has updated the design of the main bearings for all 4.1L (252 CID) HT-4100 engines......
    Lower End Knocking Noises On GM 4.1L (252 CID) HT-4100 Engines Some Cadillac automobiles equipped with 4......
    Loose Intake Manifold Bolts On 1982-83 Cadillac 4.1L (252 CID) V-8 HT4100 Engines Oil consumption, excessive coolant loss and poor performance may be due to loose intake manifold......
    Clicking Noise On GM 4.5 & 4.9L Engines AERA members should be aware of a noise coming from the front of 4.5 & 4.9L Cadillac engines......
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