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For Sale: Eclipse, Talon. Avenger. Sebring. neon 420a engine. (Location: Any Auto Parts Classifieds)

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Below you can find information on the Eclipse, Talon. Avenger. Sebring. neon 420a engine. advertisement including product description, condition of the product and instructions how to contact the seller of this Eclipse, Talon. Avenger. Sebring. neon 420a engine..

Ad Title: Eclipse, Talon. Avenger. Sebring. neon 420a engine.

[Posted: 01/01 21:37]
 Eclipse, Talon. Avenger. Sebring. neon 420a engine. (Item Information/Description)
Nearest Location      AnySeller's Location:Minot, ND
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Make      Condition      used
Model      Terms     
Year      Part Number #     
Price       500
Desripiton  420a Engine. Includes: 1.power steering pump. 2. starter 3 alternator 4.slave cylinder 5.manual transmission (has trouble getting into 2nd gear) 6. all sensors included 7. fuel rail and injectors 8. egr system Engine came from a car with about 100k miles. Oil was clean when drained and ran perfectly fine. I don't know whats wrong with second gear, but I saw the car run with all the other gears. I was told there wasn't much of a clutch left so that very well could be the issue.

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Seller: Alex
Location: Minot, ND

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